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$19 Facial Cryotherapy

(Normally $59 without a package)

Limit 1 per Client.

Reduces Wrinkles, Lines & Puffiness

Youthful Glow • Relaxes • Removes Toxins

Tightens Your Skin • Stronger & Fuller Hair

Relieves Migraines, Headaches & Sinus Issues

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CryoSalon South Overland Park

14363 Metcalf Ave., Overland Park, KS 66223


CryoSalon Johnson Drive

5834 Johnson Drive, Mission, KS 66202

Facial Cryotherapy is a hyper cooling process, which lowers inflammation in your skin, removes toxins and stimulates collagen production. This is a 10 minute relaxing therapy which is non-invasive, painless, rejuvenating, and you can leave your makeup on!

Most clients notice immediate, short-term benefits from the CryoSalon Facial, such as skin tightening, reduced pore size, a youthful glow, relief from sinus issues, headaches and migraines, and is very relaxing.  For long-term benefits like reducing wrinkles & lines, reducing puffiness, reducing acne, improving pigmentation and stronger & fuller hair, most clients find the best results with a frequent recurring schedule.