Professional sports, athletes and fitness enthusiasts are lining up for Whole Body Cryotherapy across the nation.  They understand how vital it is to stay on top of their game.  Muscle and joint soreness will slow you down.  Injury will keep you sidelined from what you love to do.  Cryotherapy has shown to drastically reduce recovery time and increase performance when you make it part of your training routine.  Keep your body in peak physical shape and achieve an edge over your competitors. Push the limits with cryotherapy and feel the way your body was designed to perform.


•  Reduce Muscle Soreness

•  Reduce Pain

•  Reduce Inflammation

•  Reduce Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

•  Relieve Tendinitis

•  Alleviate Scar Tissue

•  Eliminate Fatigue

•  Reduce Toxins

•  Boost Lymph Draining and Blood Circulation

•  Decrease Injury Recovery Time

•  Improves Immune System

•  Overall Faster Return to Sports Training


•  Increase Energy Levels

•  Improve Joint Function

•  Improve Muscle Strength

•  Immediate Post-Therapy Sports Activity

•  Allows Intense and Higher Volume Training

•  Increase Peak Athletic Performance

LeBron James

Floyd Mayweather

Athletic Recovery & Performance

KC Chief's Tamba Hali

Phoenix Suns

Dallas Mavericks

CJ Wilson & Johnny Hendricks

NFL Wayne Gandy

Olympic Athletes

MMA Stephen Langdown

Jockey Wayne Smith