Whole Body Cryotherapy is fast, dry, pain-free and non-invasive.  Whole Body Cryotherapy was developed, as a therapy for rheumatoid arthritis, in 1979 by Dr. Yamaguchi of Japan.  For over 30 years, cryotherapy has spread across Asia, Europe and now the USA.  Ice packs and ice baths have long been used to reduce swelling and inflammation, but Whole Body Cryotherapy is faster, pain-free and a more effective way to manage pain and speed the healing process. 


If you suffer from any of these conditions below, then you will want to experience the relief of our cryotherapy chamber to decrease pain, reduce inflammation, or simply improve general health and wellness.


•  Arthritis

•  Fibromyalgia

•  Chronic Pain

•  Tendinitis

•  Muscle Spasms

•  Back Pain

•  Multiple Sclerosis

•  Joint Pain

•  Psoriasis

•  Acne

•  Fatigue

•  Sleep Disorders

•  Headaches / Migraines

•  Depression

Dr. Oz says, "It helps."

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