NormaTec Recovery System

Legs, Hips and Arms Available

Who needs NormaTec therapy?

If you are a fitness enthusiast, triathlete, runner, cyclist, basketball player, football player, baseball player, or any other type of athlete looking for maximum recovery and performance, then NormaTec is for you.


What is NormaTec?

NormaTec was developed by a physician bioengineer (MD, PhD) in order to improve upon existing external dynamic compression tools as a natural healing therapy.  By replacing older compression-pump type therapies with patented Sequential Pulse Technology, the NormaTec Recovery System became a key tool in treating soft tissue injury and accelerating recovery time.  As little as 20 minutes of treatment after a workout can greatly accelerate the soft tissue healing process.


Instead of using static compression (squeezing) to transport fluid throughout the body, NormaTec employs dynamic compression in the form of Sequential Pulse Technology (pulsing). Because Sequential Pulse Technology more closely mirrors natural muscle movement, NormaTec is much more effective than traditional compression methods.


In addition to a more natural compression pattern, Sequential Pulse Technology functions in such a way to increase steady circulation of fluids, preventing backflow of fluids into your feet. NormaTec employs distal release, ensuring that the pressure placed on your muscles supports instead of interferes with your natural circulatory function.


Though highly effective as its own treatment method, NormaTec can be combined with Whole Body Cryotherapy to achieve an even higher level of soft tissue recovery and performance. WBC causes the body to transport blood to the core in order to heat and purify it. When followed by NormaTec, NormaTec can ensure that this purified blood is transported and circulated throughout the entire body as efficiently as possible.


When to use NormaTec?


Using NormaTec for 15-20 minutes at Medium intensity prior to a workout increases circulation, reduces muscle stiffness, and enhances muscle performance.



20-60 minutes of Medium to High intensity NormaTec treatment after a workout increases circulation, reduces blood lactate levels, and decreases muscle fatigue for a faster recovery.


Rehab & Recovery

In order to reduce swelling, decrease pain, and alleviate muscle stiffness, 20-60 minutes of NormaTec at Medium or High intensity can greatly accelerate soft tissue healing.


Combine Whole Body Cryotherapy and NormaTec therapies for the next level in recovery and performance.